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As a former executive chef, Tim helped to nurture Richmond’s fast growing food scene. He racked up a heap of four-star reviews and consequently earned himself the title of Richmond Magazine’s “Best New Chef” in 2011. In 2012, Tim received a nomination from the same publication for “Chef of the Year”.

His culinary career took him from Richmond to Tuscany, and back again. While studying at the prestigious Culinary Institute of Florence Tim learned the finer points of from-scratch pasta and hand-made charcuterie. His time spent at the CIF was offset by a stint moonlighting at the nearby Ristorante Ricchi. This establishment was largely considered one of best restaurants in Florence.


Bertello 12 Inch Pizza Oven

An affordable, multi-fuel oven that reaches 900+°F and lets you cook with wood and gas at the same time. 

Gino D'Acampo versus Ooni Koda 12

Similar ovens in both size and features. Which one will come out on top? Watch the video to find out!

Everdure Kiln 2 Burner Oven

The Kiln oven come equipped with 2 burners and a rotating cordierite stone, features rarely seen on other products in this price range.

Pi Prime Pizza Oven From Solo Stove

The Pi Prime pizza oven is the successor to the original Pi Pizza Oven launched by Solo Stove a few years ago. This version is gas-only.

Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven

This oven is sleek and well designed. Watch me unbox it, set the oven up, and test bake my first pizza in an all-electric, indoor oven!

QStoves ElectriQ12 Pizza Oven Prototype

I tested a prototype of the soon to be released ElectriQ12 pizza oven from QStoves. This oven is an option for making high-temp Neapolitan-style pizza indoors.

Cru Model 30 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The M30 embraces the age old technique of cooking food with wood. This oven is for the purist who scoffs at that the idea of using gas for convenience, and truly believes in the art of fire.

Glowen Raptor Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Developed and manufactured 100% in Slovenia. This countertop oven has a unique look and some feature that set it apart from it’s nearest competitors. 

Pizzello Forte Pizza Oven

This oven is a great option for the budget minded pizza maker. It’s large enough to turn out 10-11″ pizza with ease.  

Pi Oven Pizza Making Kit

An all-in-one kit that provides ingredients for both cheese and pepperoni pizza. It this kit right for you?

Stoke 13-Inch Gas Pizza Oven

A small, portable pizza oven that comes with everything you need to start baking pizza immediately. How does it perform though?

The Pi Pizza Oven from Solo Stove

This cylindrical oven has a different footprint than it’s competitors. It’s produced by a well-known brand, and the quality of build is fantastic.

Ooni Koda 16 Versus the Ooni Karu 16

A showdown between two of Ooni’s most popular pizza ovens. Each offers a different feature set. Which one is right for you?

Craftsman House Flame Guard

This stainless steel flame guard was produced to offer relief from burning your pizza crust in small pizza ovens. Does is work? 

Craftsman House Flame Guard 2.0

Stainless steel flame guards are supposed to offer relief from burning your pizza crust in small pizza ovens. This video compares two different versions. 

Is a Biscotto Stone an Upgrade?

Swapping out the stock cordierite stone for a fancy biscotto pizza stone has become wildly popular, but is it worth the investment?

Ooni Karu 16 Unboxing and First Bake

This is Ooni’s flagship pizza oven. It is no-doubt a pizza making machine with some really nice features, but is this model worth the asking price?

Hot Ash Rambler 3-in-1 Fire Pit

A unique offering from a small, U.S. based manufacturer. This smokeless fire pit includes modular attachments that allow for grilling and baking pizza.

The Daniel Boone from Green Mountain Grills

This product is a mid-sized, wood pellet-fueled grill and smoker. Temps get low enough to cold smoke pork shoulder, and high enough to sear steaks.

Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

This gas-only pizza oven has enough room to quickly bake pizza up to 16 inches in diameter. It has an L-shaped flame that minimizes turning.

Ooni Pro Pizza Oven

Launched after the Ooni 3, the Pro oven introduced the world to hi-temp countertop pizza baking in a larger format.  

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